Showroom of Marble


Located in Silvassa, about a two hours drive north of Mumbai, this showroom for a well known marble factory attempts to break away from the typical typology of showrooms in the region and instead imagines the site as a marble quarry - a large rectangular box (entirely clad in marble) with voids cut out from its volume to reveal its interiors. Here, a constant play between solid and void as well as light and shade dominate the layout of the showroom allowing visitors to see, touch and feel entire surfaces (walls, floors and slabs) composed entirely of different types, colours and finishes of marble.

The brief called for a number of display spaces accompanied by administrative offices, toilets and a small cafeteria. Each of these have been accommodated within one building punctuated by courtyards that help draw in natural light and ventilation. Construction has been planned keeping in mind materials that can be sourced within a 5 kilometer radius: brick, concrete, and of course, marble.


Silvassa, India


Mr KK Agarwal


2016 (Ongoing)




240 sqm

T: +91 9820416642 (IN) +31 626384712 (NL)