House on a Farm

Located just outside Karjat, this house for a small family sits on a 5-acre farm with sweeping views of the Western Ghats. Keeping in mind the clients wish to live in a house surrounded by nature, the house is imagined as a part of the landscape. Rather than announcing itself as an obtrusive object, the design of the house simply follows the natural contours of the site and generates a series of rooms that differ in spatial quality but do so while maintaining views of both the farm as well as the hills in the distance. The design borrows ideas found in traditional homes in the region and makes ample use of intermediate spaces (veranda's, balconies, courtyards) throughout the house. These "in-between" zones have been amplified and in fact much of the house is lived outdoors, whether it be for living, dining or even cooking. 


Construction is planned keeping in mind materials that can be found within this region: black basalt stone, brick bearing walls finished in stucco and painted white, with a large sloping roof made of steel and wooden rafters covered with clay tiles.


Karjat, India


Mr Wajekar


2017 (Ongoing)




320 sqm

T: +91 9820416642 (IN) +31 626384712 (NL)